OFFICIAL: New Epic Universe Details Confirmed!

Universal Orlando Resort has always been a popular destination for theme park enthusiasts, boasting iconic attractions such as the Wizarding World of Harry Potter and the Jurassic Park River Adventure. But now, the resort is set to double in size and take theme park experiences to a whole new level with the introduction of Universal Epic Universe.

In a recent video released by Universal Orlando, some of the creative team behind the project gave us a sneak peek into what we can expect from this highly anticipated theme park, slated to open in 2025. And let us tell you, it’s going to be epic.

Enter the Universes of Universal Epic Universe

The first thing that stands out about the Universal Epic Universe is its concept of “world portals”. As soon as you enter the park under the magnificent Kronos archway, you will be transported into a whole new universe filled with thrilling adventures and immersive storytelling. The park will be divided into five uniquely themed worlds, each with its own set of attractions and experiences.

Celestial Park: A New Realm of Adventure

First up is “Celestial Park,” where guests can embark on the ultimate adventure. This world will have stunning landscapes, water features, and delicious dining options. But the real highlight here will be the three epic attractions the Constellation Carousel, Astronomica, and Starfall Racers. These attractions are guaranteed to give you an adrenaline rush like no other.

How to Train Your Dragon Isle of Burke: A Dragon Viking Utopia

Next, we have “Isle of Berk,” inspired by the beloved movie franchise, How to Train Your Dragon. Imagine soaring through the skies on the back of a dragon and experiencing an unforgettable Viking adventure. Yes, please!

Dark Universe: A Hauntingly Thrilling Experience

Fans of classic horror films will be thrilled to step into “Dark Universe,” where Universal’s iconic monsters are reimagined in an ominous and chilling experience. This world promises to fulfill all your monster fantasies and leave you wanting more.

Ministry of Magic: Harry Potter’s Enchanted World Expanded

As if that wasn’t enough, Harry Potter fans are in for a treat with “Ministry of Magic”. The world will combine elements from both the Fantastic Beasts and Harry Potter series, allowing guests to relive their favorite moments from the wizarding world. And, of course, there will be a mind-blowing ride that is sure to leave us all spellbound.

Super Nintendo World: Leaping Beyond the Screen

But perhaps the most exciting addition to the Universal Epic Universe is “Super Nintendo World”. This colorful and interactive world will bring to life some of our favorite characters, such as Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach, and Donkey Kong. And for the first time ever, we will get to step into the world of these iconic video games and experience them in a whole new way.

But what makes the Universal Epic Universe truly special is the attention to detail and the emotional component in each of its worlds. From thrill and fear to joy and nostalgia, each world will evoke different emotions, creating a truly immersive experience for guests of all ages.

Universal Orlando has always been at the forefront of theme park innovation, and with Epic Universe, they are taking it to a whole new level. With the opportunity to stay at the unique Universal Helios Grand Hotel, integrated into the park like no other theme park in the world, guests can now make an entire week out of their visit and experience the best that Universal has to offer.

Universal’s Epic Universe is not just a theme park; it’s an escape into a world beyond our imagination. It’s a chance to be transported into stories we’ve only seen on screen and become part of them. As the creative team puts it, it’s about “giving people the opportunity to really experience the full thrill of being alive”.

We cannot wait for 2025, when the Universal Epic Universe officially opens its doors to eager fans. Until then, we’ll just have to keep dreaming about what adventures await us in this epic new theme park. As they say, “the next thing we do is going to be better than the last thing we did.” And with the Universal Epic Universe, we have no doubt that this will hold true.

What do you think of the New Epic Universe concept art? What did you think of the new video from Universal confirming the new lands? Let us know in the comments below.

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