Epic Universe Construction Update 04/16/24: Dark Universe – “Curse of the Werewolf” Coaster Testing

Universal’s Epic Universe: A Dark Village, Magical World, and More!

Attention theme park fans, it’s time for a mega update on Universal’s newest addition, Epic Universe. Set to open in 2025, the construction is well underway and new details have been revealed. Get ready for a journey through a dark village, a magical world, and much more.

Dark Universe: Frankenstein, Wolfman & More

One of the lands in Epic Universe is Dark Universe. It will be home to some of Universal’s classic monsters, like Frankenstein and Wolfman. A winding path lined with gravestones and a crypt welcome visitors as they enter the portal. The entrance to the village, which we believe will be named “Village of Dark Moore,” is now visible as scaffolding around the entire street has been taken down.

The facades of this village have been designed to resemble those from 1930s monster movies, adding an eerie touch to the atmosphere. Construction of what appears to be a fountain or well is underway in the center of the village square. On one side of the street, visitors will find the main retail location, while on the other side, the main restrooms are located. These restrooms can be accessed through an arched entryway.

Moving deeper into the land, visitors will come across a large manor facade for the main ride, rumored to be named “Monsters Unchained: The Frankenstein Experiment Continues.” The finer details of this facade are now being added, including vines wrapping around it and landscaping to enhance its appearance.

Another exciting attraction in Dark Universe is the spinning roller coaster, which is expected to be named “Curse of the Werewolf.” A Roman H-style wagon has been brought in and parked near the coaster’s main entrance. This wagon could potentially be used for signage related to the attraction. A patent registration filed by Universal states that a kiosk has also been observed nearby, and it is rumored to be a retail store themed after “the Guild of Mystics.”

The Wizarding World: Ministry of Magic and More

The popular Wizarding World of Harry Potter will have a presence in Epic Universe with the Ministry of Magic land, featuring elements from both the Fantastic Beasts series and the original Harry Potter books. New work has been spotted, which will transform the landscape in this Parisian-style city square. A large circus tent is being erected at the intersection where all the streets in this land meet. This tent will serve as the main entrance for a live stage performance that is allegedly based on scenes from the second Fantastic Beasts movie.

After passing through the entrance, visitors will make their way into the buildings behind it, giving the illusion of a bigger space inside. A new poster for Potions has been hung near a large mural on one of the buildings. Elsewhere in the land, chimneys are being installed on rooftops and sidewalks are being poured. The entrance to the main attraction, “Harry Potter and the Battle at the Ministry,” is located at the end of a street and an extended exterior queue area is being formed for overflow queuing.

“Harry Potter and the Battle at the Ministry” Magical Ride Vehicles and More

An interesting development has been spotted on social media – a video showing what could potentially be one of the ride vehicles for “Harry Potter and the Battle at the Ministry” being driven on a highway. The crate holding this mysterious ride vehicle had project number 9005 written on it, which is the project number for The Wizarding World land at Epic Universe. The crate also had Simtech Systems listed as the shipper, which is known for manufacturing ride equipment. Further research revealed that ride equipment is being shipped from Germany to Universal Creative in Orlando, specifically a dark ride system. Rumor has it that these ride vehicles will be large with an elevator-themed seating area on a motion base, similar to the Tower of Terror but with a Star Tours-style motion base.

Other Exciting Developments

Aside from Dark Universe and The Wizarding World, Epic Universe will also be home to a Super Nintendo World (featuring rides and attractions based on popular Nintendo games), “How to Train Your Dragon: Flight of the Hippogriff,” and “Celestial Park.” New details have also been revealed about the hotels in this park. The Helios Grand Hotel, a luxurious hotel with a celestial theme, has been officially announced. The W Hotel, known for its chic and contemporary design, may also have a presence in Epic Universe.

In conclusion, construction is well underway at Epic Universe, with new details being revealed every day. From the eerie streets of Dark Universe to the magical world of The Wizarding World, there will be something for everyone at this highly anticipated theme park. Are you excited for Epic Universe? Let us know in the comments below.

You can find the official Epic Universe information on their main page.

Are you a fan of classic monsters like Frankenstein and Wolfman? How do you think Universal will bring them to life in Dark Universe?

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