A festive breakfast at Universal: the Grinch & Friends Character Breakfast Experience 2023

Are you ready to start your day with a festive and unforgettable experience? Look no further than the Grinch Breakfast at Universal Studios. This unique offering during the holiday season provides guests with not only a delicious breakfast but also the opportunity to meet the iconic Grinch himself. In this article, we will dive into the details of this merry breakfast experience, from arriving at the park to indulging in delectable food and interacting with the Grinch. Get ready to be filled with holiday cheer!

Experience at Universal Studios during the holiday season

Universal Studios is known for its magical and immersive experiences, and during the holiday season, the park goes above and beyond to spread the holiday cheer. One of the most popular holiday offerings at Universal is the Grinch Breakfast. It has become a favorite among visitors for two reasons: it offers a full service breakfast experience within the park, and it guarantees an unforgettable encounter with the Grinch himself.

Grinch & Friends Character Breakfast 2023! NEW Menu & Location!

This year, the Grinch breakfast is being held at Confisco Grill due to renovations at Circus McGurkus. Although the location may have changed, the experience promises to be just as enchanting. Instead of a buffet-style breakfast, guests are treated to a sit-down meal. They receive one non-alcoholic drink and one delicious entrée, with starters delivered directly to their table. This shift in service style provides a more intimate and enjoyable dining experience.

Detailed review of the Grinch Breakfast offering

Arriving at Universal Studios bright and early, the excitement builds as guests anticipate the upcoming breakfast experience. The Grinch breakfast is available for reservation, which cost $58.99 for their Grinch breakfast experience, making it a worthy investment for a memorable morning.

Grinch & Friends Character Breakfast 2023! NEW Menu & Location!

Seated on the second-floor balcony of Confisco Grill, a stunning view of Islands of Adventure unfolded before we and their guest. This vantage point allowed them to soak in the beauty of the park while enjoying their breakfast. The ambiance set the perfect stage for a magical meal.

Grinch & Friends Character Breakfast 2023! NEW Menu & Location!

The Grinch Punch, a delightful blend of pineapple and green apple juice, was served as a refreshing start to the meal. Alongside the punch, the table was adorned with scrumptious treats such as blueberry muffins, croissants, and fresh fruit. As we indulged in these delectable starters, their taste buds were awakened, preparing them for the main course.

Grinch & Friends Character Breakfast 2023! NEW Menu & Location!

We decided to order the Grinch’s Green Eggs and Ham, a whimsical dish that perfectly captures the essence of Dr. Seuss’s beloved character. The green eggs were delicious and a fun twist on the classic breakfast staple. However, the seasoned potatoes accompanying the dish fell a bit overwhelming in terms of flavor. On the other hand, also ordered the Mayor Augustus Who’s Biscuits and Gravy and enjoyed every bite of their savory choice.

Grinch & Friends Character Breakfast 2023! NEW Menu & Location!
A festive breakfast at Universal: the Grinch & Friends Character Breakfast Experience 2023 9

Personal interactions and conclusions about The Grinch breakfast

Of course, the highlight of the Grinch Breakfast is the personal interaction with the Grinch himself. As he made an appearance, the atmosphere was filled with excitement and anticipation. We and the Grinch engaged in lively conversation, discussing the Grinch’s worst Christmas crimes and the lessons he has learned along the way. It was a truly immersive experience that left a lasting impression.

Grinch & Friends Character Breakfast 2023! NEW Menu & Location!

Before departing, we was pleasantly surprised with Grinch-themed treats to take home, adding to the overall magical experience. Reflecting on their Grinch Breakfast adventure, we found it to be well worth the money. The opportunity to engage with the Grinch on a personal level and the delicious breakfast made it a memorable start to their day at Universal Studios.

Grinch & Friends Character Breakfast 2023! NEW Menu & Location!

In conclusion, if you’re planning a visit to Universal Studios during the holiday season, don’t miss out on the Grinch Breakfast. It offers a delightful breakfast experience and a chance to interact with the mischievous Grinch himself. Start your day with holiday cheer and make unforgettable memories at Universal Studios. Remember to book your spot in advance, as this popular experience tends to fill up quickly. Happy holidays!

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