Fans of Universal Orlando bid Poseidon’s Fury farewell.

Fans were present to bid farewell to an attraction from Universal’s Islands of Adventure that had been there since the opening.

It’s never easy to balance innovation and nostalgia in theme parks. The majority of attractions last for many years and frequently spawn several generations of fans, but they are eventually replaced to make room for something fresh and exciting. Poseidon’s Fury at Universal’s Islands of Adventure has now been shut down. This week, the walk-through attraction closed, and many visitors showed up to say goodbye.

Poseidon’s Fury was a first-day attraction at the second gate of Universal Orlando Resort. While the walk-through attraction, which is billed as a tour of a lost civilization, had undergone some changes over the years, the core show had been present from the start, so it’s understandable why saying goodbye to it might have had a significant impact on both the park’s patrons and the fans.

On Twitter, Universal Orlando said its own goodbyes.

All things considered, Poseidon’s Fury was a somewhat unusual attraction. There aren’t many walk-through attractions in large theme parks that have live tour guides. But that was also a feature that appealed to people. Even though not everyone agreed that it lived up to its potential, it was distinctive, and people generally seemed to appreciate the effort and the attempt at trying something new.

Farewell. You are now under the protection of Lord Poseidon… 🔱

Despite the love, the attraction has had a difficult time lately. The attraction remained closed during the global pandemic even after the rest of Universal Orlando Resort had reopened because it physically crowded visitors together in the manner of a tour group and was entirely indoors. As a result, Poseidon’s Fury had only been reopened for a year when its demise was announced.

Poseidon’s Fury: Goodbye, 1999–2023 😢 Although we will miss this special attraction, we are eager to learn what comes next.

The big question now is, of course, what will happen next. When a theme park feature closes, it’s almost always a sign that something new is coming, but Universal Orlando hasn’t said what that could be. We might see the basic layout of Poseidon’s Fury stay the same and just get a new theme for the ride, or we might see the ride get completely replaced with something else.

Some fans are even wondering if we might be getting more than just one new attraction. Behind Poseidon’s Fury, there might be room that could be used to make a new land that would be bigger than just where the old attraction is. That would be a big job, especially since Universal Orlando is currently building Epic Universe, which means the resort is already getting a new theme park.

Still, Universal Destinations & Experiences is already expanding rapidly, so perhaps we will see this major new addition to Islands of Adventure. In addition to Epic Universe, Universal is planning a brand-new resort in Texas and a Halloween Horror Nights-themed experience in Las Vegas. With all of this going on, whatever the future holds for Poseidon’s Fury may end up being the most minor of all future expansions.

There will always be people who yearn for Poseidon’s Fury, regardless of what happens after or how well it is received by the general public as a success. Only time will tell if what comes after it is “good enough” to take its place, but we are optimistic about it.

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